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After three and half years of going back and forth, and a fantastic amount of help from several of my lawyers friends - Avalon Communities Inc. decided that I still owed them money even though they couldn't seem to give me a straight answer of why I owed them anything.

I wrote to the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and two weeks later I heard back from Avalon Communities Inc. that they were immediately removing the negative mark on my credit report and were cancelling the debt. No explanation of why they wasted so much time chasing money they were clearly not owed in the first place.

While the original amount was $700, this does not include lawyers time, nor the fantastic number of hours I have spent dealing with these scumbags. While this has been resolved I will never deal with this company again for any reason.

Update by user Mar 31, 2014

Company still unreasonable, had to get several lawyers. Ridiculous, will never do business with this company again.

Original review posted by user Sep 22, 2013

I lived at the Media Center apartments before Avalonbay Communities Inc. purchased the place and fired all of the professional staff. They hired incompetent and unhelpful staff - who would close the office for the entire day with no notice.

Finally, I got tired of the run around and started taking pictures to document issues, such as, no hot water, laundry room sewage spill allowed to sit for months, sewage spill in the garage area, broken appliances, a/c not working, heater not working, and so on.

Management wrote to me and stated that I had given proper notice to move out early. Fast forward a couple of months and I get a collection agency contacting me for accelerated rent? I complained and showed documentation for everything including the professional cleaning crew that cleaned the room. Avalonbay Communities Inc. stated that they would remove the damage charges. This confused me as their collection letter mentioned nothing of damages. After many letters back and forth, Avalonbay Communities Inc. stated that they were sorry I had so many problems but I still owe them money. For what, the service you didn't provide?

As the management decided to be completely unreasonable, I decided to notify every single state and federal government agency of every one of the documented issues I had that may be a violation of state/federal laws.

They have dinged my credit and they remain the one and only mark on my credit report.

I have found the management to be completely unreasonable at every step of the way - would never do business with the company again.

Review about: Avalon Communities Apartment Rental.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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