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I wrote a review a couple of months ago, which I took down out of courtesy as I believed Avalon West Chelsea were genuinely interested in resolving the issues that we have with our apartment.

Of course, I should have known better as this company's backside doesn't seem capable of cashing the checks that it's mouth writes.

First the good:

1. Robert in leasing was professional. He made the entire leasing experience smooth and provided us with updates throughout the process. It's the only reason this review has two stars.

The bad:

1. Don't move in to this building. Really, I'm being serious. Save yourself the heart-ache because when things go wrong, and they will, no one will care. Of course there are plenty of people that have had a good experience living here, however there is also a disproportionate number of people who have had a bad experience living here.

2. AvalonBay only cares about one thing. Your rent check. Their marketing hype talks about making your life easier blah blah blah. Well here's how our life was made easier:

- Two six foot panes of glazing with huge cracks in them that took over three months to resolve. Loved that view through cracked glass guys. Totally worth the premium rent

- Heating shut off frequently through the Winter because of various floods throughout the building. Loved working in an ice box (sarcasm)

- Cheap fixtures which after a couple of months use become defective. The kitchen faucet is the best, you have to keep tightening it as it will *** water everywhere each time you use it

- Cheap kitchen cabinets. This company is so cheap that they use particle board wrapped in wood effect laminate. If you use your stove or a toaster or a kettle, after a few months, the heat causes the laminate to peel. Yup, $7,500 a month in rent and they can't throw a few extra bucks at fixtures that will last more than a year. Symptomatic of a company that cuts corners to maximize shareholder return

- Cheap wood flooring from China that does not wear well at all. But I guess at a $1 or less a plank it doesn't matter. I wonder if this has dangerously high levels of formaldehyde too?

- Here's the best - 3 inches of faeces and urine backing up into your apartment because of a blockage caused in the main sewer line and the building really did not care until they hauled themselves from their office to bother taking a look. Oh but it was OK they offered us a night in a hotel. Of course, having dogs that was practical, so we spent the night in an apartment that stank of ....

- We have a huge terrace. It's what made us agree to the idiotic rent. Sad fact is that in six months, we have only been able to use it for six days. It can be 90 and calm at street level, yet because of the poor design of the dynamics of the building, you can reenact Top Gun and launch some fighter jets because of how strong the wind is. Don't try sitting out with a glass of wine as that glass will likely be in some dude's head on the ground because it'll blow off the table. What's worse, we're only on the 8th floor.

3. If you move here, most of your neighbors will be entitled brats. They can usually be found calling front desk and berating them because a shelf is missing from their vanity cabinet or their FiOS service is down or someone dared to have their TV at an audible level, or God forbid they caught a whiff of tobacco smoke. Oh no, I'm going to get cancer, let me harass the *** out of the front desk about it.

4. Said entitled brats will regularly let their animals *** in the elevator and not clean it up. Heck, why would they? They let their dogs take a .... on the sidewalks and landscaped areas around the building. What's awesome is that the building doesn't care. If you have kids, you may want to think again about looking here, after all, I wouldn't want my children stepping in piles of dog mess - and it's a lot, look around the trees when you come to look at the building.

5. The "Community" office is the best aspect of the building. It really is. The General Manager doesn't give a *** and only calls you back when you escalate matters to corporate or the portfolio director. In fact, it seems other than leasing and the front desk and the awesome guys who maintain the building, anyone working in a management function in the building didn't learn people skills when they attended the AvalonBay School of how to become a cowboy landlord.

So in closing, it's easy to assume that I am a disaffected tenant with an axe to grind, but you only need to look at the pictures I have shared to back up my points. If you do decide to come visit Avalon West Chelsea to look at this delightful building, feel free to say "hi", I'll be the English guy that interrupts your tour to tell you to not waste your time and go look at a building that understands how to offer quality and service in the competitive Manhattan rental market.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. The author is overall dissatisfied with Avalon Communities. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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